We love Neandertals (and ourselves).

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We do love our Neandertals. Mary let her freak flag fly when she found out, through Interpretome’s tool (short tutorial here) that she had  substantial (heh) Neandertal genetic heritage. I marched in pride when I found mine.

23andme has a new ancestry tool that determines percentage also.

Checking on mine… suggests I’m 3.2% Neandertal. Yipee. (or yikes?) That makes me in the 99 percentile. NOW I can explain my brow ridge.
Compared against all my friends and family, I have the most. Even though Mary showed more than I was in Intrepretome, this test shows me having more, Mary at 2.7%.

Now, compare me to the people I share data with (some of them, and you’ll see I have the most Neandertal genetic heritage than anyone.
Even factoring out my African and Native American ancestry, my Neandertal heritage just shines through. That first arrow is me, the second is my husband (S and N European, some N. African), the third our youngest daughter (mixed African, European, Native American heritage) and our eldest daughter (mostly W. African, about 1/5

European and some Native American). The others are my family members and in-laws for the most part.

If you use 23andme or Intrepretome (or your own analysis) remember to take this with a grain of salt to some extent. As Daniel MacArthur tweets:

Re @23andMe’s Neanderthal test: worth noting that I am 2.2% (low) on the v2 chip and 2.5% (average) on v3. Grain of salt required.

Still, it’s an indication and a good educational tool about ancestry and genetics.

So pardon me while I go breath some cold air (with my prominent nose and developed nasal chambers don’t ya know…)

Some links:

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Paper on the science behind 23andme’s test (pdf).
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Nature post “age of Neandertal personal genomics is here

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    Mostly a note to myself–follow the #Iamthe1to4percent twitter hashtag for results from some people who are commenting.

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